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Author of this sheet :

Complete DSA Roadmap :- 

Desi QnA Two-Pointers Sheet (Make sure to go through set A and set B to have a good preparation level for an interview)


1)First things first , make sure you go through the Hashing Sheet(complete SET-A and SET-B) before you start this sheet. 

Here is the link :

2)Go through the concept from here :

 3)Read this :

 4)Watch this video :

 5)Now , it’s the time to start solving some problems. Make sure to solve Set-A and Set-B . Set-C is for the ones who want to reach expert level in the topic.

Set-A : (These problems may involve a mixture of Hashing and Two-Pointers , so make sure you go through the Hashing Sheet of Desi QnA mentioned above).

P1 :

P2 :

P3 :

P4 :

P5 :

P6 :

 P7 :


P8 :


Set - B :

P1 :

(Only focus on method1 of the solution.)

P2 : Find the number of pairs in the array whose sum is greater than equal to k. 'k' is the fixed value provided in the input.

P3 :

(For Warmup-purpose)

P4 :

 (Important to understand the concept)

P5 :

P6 :

P7 :

P8 :

P9 :

P10 :

(Very Important) 

P11 :

P12 :

P13 :

P14 :

(Enjoy this easy problem if you have come this far ;))

P15 : (please solve this problem)

Set - C : Coming Soon!

Nice readings to go through : 



ii)Coming Soon!


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