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As I am working in Service Based IT companies for more than 7 years so i am eligible person to answer this question. TCS/Accenture/Wipro/ Infosys/Cognizant are Big IT giant in India and all have similar type of working.

There are 3 types of Projects in these Service based company:

Development Projects: This type project is around 20–30 % of all projects. These projects are the project where work start from scratch label and develop Phase I. Team involve in development projects has really great learning experience but tough Timelines. If you are looking for Work Life balance instead of learning, try to jump into Enhancement projects.
Enhancement projects: Enhancement or Support projects(40–50% of all projects) are the back bone for earning of these Service based IT companies as these projects have less pressure on team however less learning scope for team. Team member feel bore after working more than 2–3 years in this type projects. If you are looking for learning , try to jump into Development projects ASAP.
Testing Project: Testing projects(20–30% of all project) are also comes under Cool project with fix working hours and less pressure. Nowadays in the era of Automation, Companies are migrating from Manual testing to Automation testing. If you are manual tester, try to learn Automation Testing ASAP before company declare you useless resource.

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