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I have been with Amazon for the past 7 months as an SDE 1 and I am loving it here!

To come right to the point, in Amazon itself there are varied types of teams. How much you learn, enjoy, grow, get exposure and have work life balance mostly depend on the team you choose/land up in.

But talking of work life balance, in Amazon, you typically have 7–8 hours of work around the year in all the teams that I have heard of. In times of product launch you may have to put in more effort though it is never directly demanded from you. Also there is system of on-call in most teams which has to be factored in. Depending on the stability and the importance of availability of your service the on-call will range from very demanding to very easy. Also the experience you have with finding your way during issues also counts! The frequency of on-call will depend on your team size of course.

So to summarize, you will have your handful of work anytime of the year. And the work life balance will be according to your team and how you handle what comes to your plate. But all in all, Amazon is worth all of it since its a brilliant learning experience since you get to work with amazing people and learn so much about so many things!
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