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Previous year paper and solutions of TCS XPLore(in Java/Python) : 

Questions asked on 26th Jan : List of coding questions asked on 26th Jan in TCS Xplore ? - Desi QnA 

Online Exam Paper pattern  : https://www.desiqna.in/622/paper-pattern-for-online-exam-of-tcs-xplore-2021

TCS XPLORE MCQS : https://www.desiqna.in/502/can-somebody-provide-list-previous-year-mcqs-tcs-xplore-2020

TCS XPLORE CODING QUESTIONS : https://www.desiqna.in/469/list-all-coding-questions-asked-tcs-xplore-previous-year-2020

Join this telegram group for getting all detials related to TCS-XPLORE : https://t.me/Tcsexplores

SAMPLE DOCS TO BE UPLOADED IN BGC FORM : All sample documents to be uploaded in BGC form for tcs joining : https://www.desiqna.in/512/can-anybody-provide-sample-documents-uploaded-form-filling


Currently, Codevita selected candidates have got the Tcs-xplore mail . Its basically a training program .


You have to give few of their tests . The first three tests you give from Jan-26 till April , will be considered for giving you incentives .


If you get  more than 80% in their test ,  you will get 60,000 INR by TCS when joining TCS as incentives.  

There are two modes of the test :




On January-26th, there will be an offline test at one of their test-centers(tcs-ions) . You can fill your preference by logging into : https://www.tcs.com/careers/Xplore (Students section)

Then , there will be few tests in February and March,some of them will be online . You can select whatever test you want to opt for . The best score of all your tests is considered as the final score.


If you get good marks in the test, you get joining letter fast and also your location preference is given more weightage!!!

Hope it helps :-)

Note(s) :
To get more details about tcs xplore , join : https://t.me/Tcsexplores


Xplore Assessments:
- 26th Jan is not mandatory.
- Two modes: iPA and CPA (Center and Home).
- Can attempt in any mode and skip any slot you want.
- Best of your first 3 attempts will be considered for incentive.(not the exam slots provided by tcs)
- You can attempt either java or change it to python but cannot do both in the same exam.
- They will try to arrange 2 exams each month.


Paper-Pattern : 



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This is what happened in today's tcs xplore session :

(6th Jan,4pm)

Post Offer Engagement (POE)
1. Xplore Program
Learning part prior to joining.

2. Campus Commune
Specific previleged access to a channel (Business Unit) which will be given within a week.
In the channel there will be various activities like quizzes, hackathon, ideathon etc.
Information will be gained, given by various tcs leaders.

The better you engage with tcs at this stage, the early the joining call will come. Those who don't engage get joining late.

Fresh Recruit Journey
1. Recruitment/NQT
2. TCS Xplore
3. Proctored Assessment
- Scores will decide when the onboarding will happen
4. Onboarding
5. TCS Xperience
- Post joining learning of 1 to 3 weeks

Xplore - Program Construct
4 modules

1. Know your TCS
2. Business Skills
3. Software Engineering & Operations
4. Software Foundation - Java/Python(Default), DotNet(Specific set of students only)

TCS Xplore Assessments

1. iON Proctored Assessment (iPA) - In iON Centers
2. Camera Proctored Assessment (CPA) - Conducted remotely

Both are equally considered for incentives.

First three attempts considered for incentives, but unlimited attempts for clearing the required score.

Extended the Incentive deadline to 30th of April, 2021

Xplore - New ways of learning
1. Bizskills learning
2. Ascend digital certificates
Around 30+ courses
3. Coding challenges - hackathon
4. BG Connects


Q1. Clarity about internships
We'll publish it in the Campus Commune platform and you can apply thereafter, we'll let you know.

Q2. Curriculum
Out of 4 modules, first 3 are generic and the last one is a choice b/n Java and Python.

Q3. About assessment on 26th Jan. Is it mandatory?
Assessments are planned on an ongoing basis. The first on-center iPA exam is planned on 26th. If you are completely prepared for the assessment you can go ahead, or you can wait for futher exams in Feb or later. It's not mandatory, but before 30th April you need to score well for incentives.
We'll have a minimum of two proctored assesments planned every month, either iPA or CPA.

Q4. Pattern of Assessment
We'll be updating a detailed document soon. It'll be a combination of MCQs and subjective questions.
Suggestion- Do more hands-on on every topic for more practical expertise.

Q5. How to select CPA?
2-3 weeks prior we'll float the survey for CPA and those who give response will be considered for that assesment.

Q6. Diff between Digital and Ninja?
Digital recruits have cleared more high level assesment and they are well prepared for advanced technology projects. Ninja hires can perform well on joining and participate in various activities to level up.

Q7. Do the 3 attempts need to be in sequence?
No, the first 3 attempts are the assessments you're taking as you're prepared and not the ones that TCS provides.
If you want to opt out of an assessment just drop an email to xplore support and your name will be taken out of that scheduled assessment.
But don't drop out of assessments unnecessarily as you might not get enough chances to give attempts before 30th April.

Q8. Is the course content needed to be completed 100 percent?
It is preferable but if it isn't getting completed 100 percent, you can write to us.
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Thankyou for the answers !
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