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CRED is an exclusive community for India’s most trustworthy and creditworthy individuals, where the members are rewarded for good financial behaviour. CRED was born out of a need to bring back the focus on a long-lost virtue, one of trust, the idea is to create a community centred around this virtue. a community that constantly strives to become more virtuous in this regard till they finally scale their behaviour to create a utopia where being trustworthy is the norm and not the exception. Building a community like this requires a community of its own; a community special in its way, working towards making this vision come true.

Designation :

Product Analytics Intern

Batch Eligible :


Location :

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

You should apply If you are :

• have strong first principle thinking - creative and structured thinking to solve real-world problems

• are comfortable working with large datasets and extremely proficient in SQL or any relational database; alternatively, R/Python skills are good to have

• possess great collaboration skills with the ability to work cross-functionally

• have good organizational skills for prioritizing and time management with the ability to communicate effectively and set the right expectations on deliverables/timelines

• have a high sense of ownership, comfortable working in a high-energy, fast-paced environment


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Kumar K student has cracked the 30LPA offer from GoldMan Sachs:-

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  • Program detail

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CRED Hiring !!
Role - frontend Intern
Batch : 2023 / 2024 / 2025
Link -

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