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Getting selected for a big reputed company will make you really happy in the beginning. But this happiness won’t last long.

The first thing which may upset you is that after getting selected also, it may take 4-5 months at least for the joining call. But this time may extend up to one year also and many lose their patience there only.

Once you join the company, there will be a training program for you. Now if your luck supports, you can get the best training program in TCS i.e IGNITE.

The IGNITE training goes for 3 or 6 months depending on the batch. For odd-numbered batch like batch-21, it will be for 3 months, and for even-numbered like batch-22, it will be for 6 months. Other than the longest training period, you get trained on almost all the latest technologies. This is the best part of it.

But if you get selected for other ILPs like- TCS iON Smart Hiring or anything, you need a lot of wishes then. Telling you why. The training program will be only 1–2 months long or even less than that. In that also, you will get the technical training just for 10–15 days(even less than that) and the rest will be for your personal grooming and all(talking about 1-month training program).

In all these cases, after you complete your training, you are allocated some project location, which may or may not be according to your preferences.

At your project location, you will have to report to your RMG, a person who will take care of your project allocation.

He will map you to some random project without giving a damn about your knowledge, training, and preference.

That’s also better if you get some project, because you may have to stay at the bench if no vacancy is there in projects at that location. That time period will bore you badly and force you to think about why you are even there.

So, when you get your project, which you may like or not, you will have to be there for at least one year because you are not going to get the release before that.

My intention was not to scare you, but to tell you the truth. Still, we can hope for the best. I was lucky enough to cross all these hurdles as I got IGNITE as my training program, then I got the project location of my first preference.

Currently, I’m working on a project which I won’t say, I’m very happy with but at least it’s not bad. So, think carefully before you join and don’t regret it later.