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Hi… Tcs interview was one of the craziest interview I have attended.

Please have patience to read my story:p

Without any interest I have applied for Tcs drive after written test I got a mail saying that I got shortlisted for the next round.

On the interview day I reached the destination just 5mins before the time they told me in mail. After I reached the place they have asked to sit in auditorium till they call me. I waited in auditorium for around 5.5hrs and finally they called me….

Let me tell you what rounds One should go through after written test in TCS …after written, technical round(TR) comes second then managerial round (MR)and final round is the HR.

First I went to MR person he greeted me with pleasant smile and made me to feel comfortable and I responded smiling gently and I greeted him.

MR : hi … hows the day!? May be little tired right!! Okay without any further delay i’ll give you two programs write the logic and code for that

ME: yeah okay sir…

While I was writing program he was constantly looking in to my paper and helping me to write…. But I was able to write one program an I wrote the logic fr the second…. After that he was asking some questions about my background and i was answering to him …he was convinced and meanwhile TR person enquired about me and called me for Technical round …while I was going to TR person MR said that I have an attractive smile and suggested me to maintain the same for further rounds.

After seeing my program and logic TR asked me to check my program and handed over the paper to me … I wasn’t able to find the error…he pointed to error and asked me to correct it after that he asked about second program for which I was just able to write the logic so he seems to be angry and asking me to write program and I told I wasn’t sure….after that I thought I messed up everything….he was going through my CV and asking questions and I was answering… he doesn’t seem impressed…I lost confidence and sweating too much…. He asked me that how I got to the interview location and was it easily reachable to me or not? Without any delay I said it was difficult that is why girls and most of the candidates were accompanied by their parents and started complaining about every difficulty I faced on my interview day. He got angry asked another question “why rapes are happening in India?” I said “pardon me “

He said “you heard it correct “ and repeated question once again and this time I answered that am not mature enough to answer this question he then said “ no , you are mature enough and people who look innocent like you does these kind of things”

After hearing that I was shocked and remained silent…. He again asked a question “do you have a girlfriend?” I answered “ I have friends in girls “ and smiled sarcastically (because already I made my mind that am not going to get this job and just going with the flow) he said “ abbaaaaa” after this tea was served to him and he offered me tea and I accepted. TR finished after waiting for 4hrs they have declared results at night 11:20pm and to my surprise I got selected.

The very next day HR round was held and due to less panel rooms and HRs they made me to wait from morning 8 to evening 5 and then they called me in for HR round.

A lady was taking my interview I greeted first and given my CV to her and she responded well. She was asking some basic HR questions like about my profile. I have mentioned watching sci-fi movies as my hobby and she asked me that what was the last movie I watched before coming to interview and I said Ironman and immediately she asked me to narrate the story in 5mins. I started narrating every detail of the movie she seemed listening carefully and I took 15 mins to explain 2/3rd movie and after that she saw the time and said “okay , i’ ll definitely watch ironman “ and asked me whether am interested to work in any part of the India and in any shift and you know the obvious answer what I gave :P with this interview ended.

And now here I am in TCS !!! :) :)
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