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Approximately by 227% in my 2 years of experience.


I started my career as a fresher in TCS where my starting salary was 3.36 lakh rupees per year. Monthly I used to receive 23,000 rupees in hand.

A year later I had a hike and my revised CTC stood at 3.74 lakh per annum. That was a 11% hike and my in-hand salary was 25,000 rupees monthly.

After six months, I qualified through an internal assessment and was promoted. The salary was doubled! Yeah, that's like a dream come true. My revised package was 7.52 lakh rupees per year after receiving a hike of 101%. On an average I used to receive 50,000 rupees per month after taxes.

This Friday I received an offer letter from another company where my new CTC is 11 lakh rupees per year. I am supposed to join in November. This is like a 47% hike.


So over the course of 2 years, I have received three hikes. My current package has increased more than three times than what I started with. Its funny to think that even six months back I had a 3.74 lakh CTC and with the covid situation ongoing, it increased almost three times!

Something I learnt along the way is to never give up and continue learning something new each day. Hardwork combined with determination is the key to success and there is no shortcut to that.