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I think there might be an issue for them in giving Digital offers to Ninja Selected candidates through Codevita, because then your Ninja offer will be wasted. So they might try to extend the offer to a more deserving candidate so that in this way they can extend offer to two different candidates rather than 2 profile to same person(which lead to waste of one profile)
Though it’s just an perspective, not sure. But if you think clearly, point might seem valid.
But I will suggest to wait till 30th Dec and have hope.
Also anyone who can contradict it with example is welcome.


Also, this time TCS NQT offered only ninja roles to most of the students . Why is this the case ?
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My interview for digital profile was conducted around November 22. I got mail yesterday titled “TCS Ninja interview results” saying “on the basis of your TCS Ninja Interview performance you have been shortlisted for a Digital offer with TCS”. 

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Yeah,that's not an issue basically they have used two templates.1.)based on ninja interview 2.)based on nqt interview
So both ninja and nqt are implying the same thing,whether interviewed for digital or ninja!
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I also got the same email, and I am also confused whether its a digital offer or a ninja offer
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TCS NQT 2020 Test Result

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They have sent results to all the colleges with which TCS has a tie-up
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I have heard this from somewhere.
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Does the same college results come out same time ? 4 people attended interview from my college, all other 3 got email on the same day even though their interview date is not on same.
But I didnt get any email.

I did good in interview so I was confident that I will be selected but do not see any response.

I see, we need to wait till 30-Dec, does that mean I have a chance ?

Are they sending by any region or state or college ? What is the order for sending these emails. I heard some states coming on some dates.
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The TCS NQT Results are released for batch 2021 and 2020. TCS is sending emails to all the selected students and inviting them for the TCS Ninja interview. For premium colleges, TCS is sending mails to TPO’s. Please note that TCS is inviting selected candidates for the interview in a phased manner. So, whoever not received the mail today, don’t worry…. you may get TCS NQT mail in the coming few days. Congratulations to all the selected candidates and best of luck to the students who are waiting for results. Finally, check your emails thoroughly

I guess they will update it after 30th Dec. Because they are still figuring out total numbers of offers to be made.
Check the last paragraph of the mail, you will get it. So probably by first week of Jan, it will be on the portal.