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  1. Aptitude is one of the most ignored aspects of interview preparation. Keep aside an hour daily to brush up the permutation and combination or probability question and make sure to solve it in half the time provided.
  2. OOP and system design principles are often overlooked. Prepare a solid notes for OS, DBMS, CN and other core subjects.
  3. Projects and internships: A well organized, innovative and deployed project will give you an upper hand. Create a script about all the technologies used, why you preferred that technology, what were the challenges faced during project creation.
  4. The tech giants look for people who can fit into their culture and work environment without much effort. Work on personality assesment topics like leadership, teamwork etc.
  5. Analytical skills: How optimal your solution to the problem is, how long you took to solve it, how much help (or hints) made you arrive at the solution and how well you designed or structured your solution, are some analytical skills that you should imbibe.