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Mine was an off-campus opportunity. HashedIn by Deloitte rolls out a MS form every November and January for offcampus freshers hiring. Initially, there is the resume screening and after that the OA link is shared. My selection process was held in Feb'22, and I had joined in Mar'22.


Online Assessment:


Online Assessment was held on Codility platform. There were 3 questions to complete in 90 minutes. The first one was LC Easy, remaining 2 were LC Medium. Only twist is even after running your code, you will not be able to determine whether the test cases have passed or not. Those test cases' result is not shown to you. Hence, be careful to consider the edge cases. The third one can be from Recursion, DP, DFS, BFS, Tree or String Manipulation (mine one) based. But there are plenty of edge cases in the third question, which you need to consider while coding. Also, if time is left, consider documenting the code. Once you submit a question, you CANNOT modify it again. So be very careful!


Technical Round 1:


This was an online interview of 60 to 75 minutes, generally held by an SE-1. This remains quite easy. You would be asked to code 2 LC easy (mostly) to medium (very rare) questions. After that, you would be asked questions from Computer Networks, DSA, DBMS, OOPs and Java, Projects, etc.


I was asked questions like:


  1. Inheritance and Polymorphism definations and practical implementions/coding
  2. static, final, abstract, interfaces, etc
  3. Normalisation in DB, why it is required, different types, lossless join, dependency preserving, etc
  4. Transactions in DB, ACID, Concurrency control, etc
  5. Basic SQL query using Group by
  6. Layers in OSI Model
  7. Project discussions


Thus this is quite core CS based.


Technical Round 2:


This was a bit tougher, since time allotted to answer any question was very very less. It lasted from 30 to 45 minutes, aand usually taken by SE-3 or Prncipal SW Engrs.


Initially he started with a few core CS questions, like normalisation vs denormalisation, few advanced Java development questions (which I was also unable to answer). Time alloted for every answer was 1-2 minute. Next he had given to code Coin Change. Explained him the recursve approach, and coded only the DP one. Only 7-10 minutes was given to think, explain and code the solution in Google docs. Also, there was another LC easy question to solve and explain in 5 minutes.


Next was the System Design (Low Level). I was asked for the LLD for Instagram (considering profile details, post details, friends, etc). Similarly, was allotted only 5-7 minutes to think and design the DB. Then, questions followed like NoSQL vs SQL, Sharding vs Partitioning vs Indexing.


Hence, overall TR2 was not very tough, but it's the time quantum which had really made it very frustrating. Also, sometimes the LLD questions can be quite difficult, and might ask for AirBnb, Zomato operations. Hence, prepare accordingly!




The HR round was not at all eliminating, it was s simple 10-15 minutes discussion with the standard HR questions. :-)


For compensation details, refer here.


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