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I was contacted by a Google Recruiter in August for the Google India winter internship 2023. There were a total of 2 rounds.


Technical Interview 1


The interviewer was very friendly and made me comfortable in the first 5 minutes when he discussed what he is expecting from me in this interview. Then he moved to the coding questions:-


i) You are given two arrays A and B where the arrays are the profits that you can earn on the ith day while working in city A or city B. You can move from city A to city B or vice versa but that will cost you one day. You are asked to determine the maximum profit that you can earn in n days. You can start from any city.


ii) You are asked to determine what should be schedule that you should follow so that you can get the maximum profit that is you have to return a string( A - Working in City A, B - Working in City B, T- Travelling Day) for earning maximum profit.


Gave an optimized approach for both the question and the interviewer was happy with the overall interview then we discussed some company-related and behavioral questions.


Technical Interview 2


ii) Does not remember the 2nd question but it was something like:-
You are given an array. You have to determine the maximum length of a subarray where all the elements are equal to x(Some Number).


Next you are given an array X - {x1,x2,......,xn} . You have to return an array say res where res[i] = maximum length of subarray where all elements are equal to x[i]. You have to do it in linear time. In this, you can do hashing and determine the resultant array in Linear time.


Next in the month of september, I asked for feedback from the recruiter and I got a positive response but had not heard from them till Oct. So again mailed the recruiter and got a rejection mail where they stated that I had performed well in the interviews and the interviewer was happy but there were not be moving forward in the hiring as the openings are full.

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