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For each element of an array, a counter is set to 0. The element is compared to each
element to its left. If the element to the left is greater, the absolute difference is subtracted
from the counter. If the element to the left is less, the absolute difference is added to the
counter. For each element of the array, determine the value of the counter. These values
should be stored in an array and returned.




Looks like i*arr[i]-sum[i-1] ,i-1>=0;sum[i] is prefix sum till index i


//input 1 2 2 3
//output 0 1 1 4


vector arrayChallenge(vector arr)
vector ans;


for(int i = 0; i < arr.size(); i++)
int diff = arr[i]-arr[i-1];
int diffHandler = (i-1)*diff + diff + ans[i-1];
return ans;

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For loop should start with i =1, rest logic is correct

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