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Capgemini has a work life balance rating of 3.9.

Hey there,

Capgemini was known for its work life balance. There was a time  when you come in, do your work and leave. No questions asked. Work was more important then nos. Of hours taken to complete it.

However this is slowly changing. We now have swipe in and swipe out. You would get your shift allowance only if you have done 9.30 hrs. This is all done with cost reduction in mind. The policy is no more employee friendly. We still have option of work from homes sometime thanks to them shifting their base out of cities (airoli for Mumbai, DTP for Bangalore).

Overall there is a dip in this parameter but still better then other IT companies. Also sometime work life balance is dependent on the project you are working on. So you can say its 50-50 right now.

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