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I am working in Cognizant and have been working here for 8+ years. At the outset, let me try and answer in the most neutral way to this question.

There are various factors that decide the work-home balance. I prefer to call it as work-home rather than work-life. Because when you work, you have life too. And when you are at home, you have a life too :)

That said, these are the typical factors:-
0. The estimate for the project as per the project manager and client requirement
1. The complexity of the project and your understanding of the implementation approach/activity modus operandi.
2. Your interest in getting the task done in the shortest possible way. This requires some innovative thinking and the support from your project manager/stake holders.
3. The whole idea of making your work-home balance explicitly lies only on your shoulders. If you think that any company, not just Cognizant Technology Solutions, forces people to work way aboce the limit, it is just your call to find a fix for it. Nevertheless, optimizing the work is wholly your option. That will give a satisfaction to your manager and at the same time, give you more time for yourself.
4. Gtranted, there may be times when you may have to work late nights. But if these are just one-off incidents, then good, Otherwise, start looking at options. It is only your family that will support you completely. You need them and they need you.
5. For a company, you are an employee who is replaceable if you have passed your shelf life. For your family, you are everything to them. Make you call accordingly. Loyalty to a company should be only till the company is loyal to you.
6. In general, within Cognizant, I have found multiple states. In some projects, I have seen a easyschedule. In some others, I have seen a tighter schedule. My first project in Cognizant, led by me, was a very tight scheduled project. I was spending more than 18 hours at office. And my colleagues too were spending equal;ly so in my project. All becuase of the estimates. I did make a grave error in the estimate and that cost us all. Thankfully, I was the only one married in the team. And I am divorced now because I messed up the work-home life balance. Though there were a lot of uncontrollable reasons for the estimates and schedule messed up, I would prefer to blame myself. In all the cases, the project lead has to take the responsibility. I am still with Cognizant, but am more careful of the estimates and schedule. I make sure that there is only 6 hours work instead of 8 hours. that way, a 2 hour buffer is still avialable in case the scope/activities creep.
7. The lessons learnt from that project has now helped me ensure that my teams work-home balance is maintained. I stress on my team to leave home at the earliest. But, yes, I do insist on the work being completed too.
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