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Sharing my first-hand experience. I am sharing this information for smart brains so that they can make an informed choice if they have an option to choose.

Overall Experience - Very bad

  1. Long working hours. No flexibility of work - No work from home. Politics. Bureaucracy. Only MT/SMT do most of the things. AD(s)/PM(s)/PL(s) only do prioritization and boot licking - Do not provide a good vision and do not come up with a plan. They just want you to slog at the last minute to get the job done even if it is not worth the effort. Many people do people management and forget that they are in a tech job. Freedom to work on something else is not there. MT/SMT are expected to multitask and slog and do the work end-to-end.
  2. The recent change in top management in Tech made it even worse.
  3. No clear career progression or visibility.
  4. 99.999% dependency on Nyc, what people want in Nyc is always put forth of everything. Strictly high command culture. Whatever headquarters says, offshore office needs to follow -- they say they are a global firm but they aren't. When you work with a peer in the US team, you do not get a sense of working with a colleague. They try to upper hand you and overturn or ignore your suggestions/decisions. A lot of the US technical staff won't take any feedback and are presumptuous and prejudiced. They pay you well mostly to bear with this frustration.
  5. Internal politics and less clarity about the decisions made by management.
  6. It's a support office, something which reflects clearly in the quality of work.
  7. Clear bias and nepotism can be easily noticed.
  8. Not a good place for ambitious people. Extremely bad if you are looking for technical challenges. Monotonous work.
  9. Too many people in upper management, doing little work. Upper management in India is filled with politics. If you are not in politics you won't grow. Off late people have started leaving despite the high salary because good people don't stand dirty politics.
  10. Low mobility across functional domains, top-heavy management leading to slow-paced growth, internal politics- leading to high attrition rate and low employee satisfaction.
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