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Round 1:

They said so you are proficient In C++. So, where do you rate yourself in C++ on a scale of 10? What is a class, and can you implement it?
What is Run time Polymorphism? Implement it. And some more general questions on OOPS. What is virtual memory?
2 coding questions: wanted full working code for this. They run it on some test cases.
A modified version of this question: when at most two transactions are allowed, and you cannot engage in multiple transactions simultaneously. Asked to code. My code gave the wrong answer. In the end, they asked if I had any questions for them?

Round 2: Tell something about your academic background

Question on Binary trees:

What is Polymorphism? Implement it. Operator overloading

Class_name cout<<obj<<endl;
had to overload << operator
Implement + operator such that, obj=obj1+obj2 Here, what is class contains a character array
Implement copy constructor, Overload Assignment operator.
Smart pointers ( I said I don’t know about these, They were okay with this ) 4.) Virtual destructors ( I didn’t know about this as well. )
In the end, they asked if I had any questions for them?

Round 3 ( HR ): A 5 to 7 minutes call ( a normal audio call on the phone )

They asked about my overall experience of interviewing with Deshaw, Why do I pursue coding?
Two-three Tips for the interviews
Resume project passed and prep wise

Stay confident
Try to relate the given problem with one of the previously solved problems.
While preparing try to focus on the company’s favorite DSA topics rather than trying to complete the entire syllabus.
If you are weak or don’t know much about the topic asked, just let the interviewer know (politely).
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