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Recruiter Screening : given 5 questions and asked to answer the questions and email back
Passionate project
How would you redesign it
Favourite apple product
Any performance issue you solved
Experience on scaling applications
HM round :
Explain previously project, what was your contribution to scale
Warm-up find 1 missing number from 1ton digits and also what if there are 2 missing
K sorted lists merge (why heap and why can’t hash map would work here)
How would you redesign the message broker of any messaging service
Onsite 1 :
Explain your project and walk through step by step with tech stack
What is the size of the data that is generated by the application everyday
What is the query per sec (QPS) of the application
Coding question 1 : Subset sum possible or not
Followup : print all the possible subsets with give sum
Explain the time and space complexity of both the questions
Onsite 2 :
Explain why do you want to join the company
Coding question1 : given array of elements find the maxSpan got by any of the elements in O(n)
What is the worst case complexity of HashMap
What is Hashcode do return and what is equals method contract with Hashcode
Coding question2 : car registers with classes and methods to get the value in O(1)
What interests you to join the company
Explain any situation where you solved the performance issue
Onsite 3 :
What is your passionate project and have you faced any challenges
Did you face any challenge in communicating with other teams? Or is it just within your team ?
Coding question : decode a string 2[ab2[ca]], implemented through stack based approach
Design question : tinyURL , how to you handle load and proper estimation by simulating it with the real world
Onsite 4 :
What are the achievements you have, technical issues you solved
Why do you want to join the company
Design HashMap
Why hash map has first linked list and then Balanced BST, after some threshold
Draw a graph of time(Y) and put hashmap (X) axis with non-resizable hash
Draw a graph of time(Y) and put hashmap (X) axis with resizable hash
How do you resize the array list once they reach the load factor( == 1 then size == entries)
What do you synchronize if put operations are performed and in parallel migration of data to new men location is all being done (sync, prev, next and current nodes in case of hm.remove())
Onsite 5 :
Before graduation and after graduation what 3 things you learnt
Product of values except self — given array, print product of subsets whose is length is n-1 (zeros count = 1 , >1 0 0 0 0)
ABCD.….AA AB AC…. Get the values, similar to excel column number
How do you implement BigInteger, addition subtraction, mul and division
Multi threading singleton class implementation (volatile)
How works
What is s means
What is 3 way handshaking of tcp ip
Symmetric key encryption, public and private ke
Onsite 6:
Get an element which is repeated twice
Write a random generator to get random country from list, where the bias is towards the population of each country
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