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Total 3 Rounds: 

  • Machine Coding Round (120 min)
  • Problem Solving and Data Structures (60 – 90 min)
  • Hiring Manager Round (45 min)

Round 1(Machine Coding Round – 120 min): In this round, one problem statement is given, We have to solve this problem in 1.5  hours. First, they gave a clear understanding of the problem statement, after that our implementation time ( 1.5 hours ) started in the problem statement, and we need to implement the functionality. some of them are a must and some of them are a bonus. You can use any language:

Question Url(




  • You have to focus on completing the, must Functionality, then if the time permits implement the Bonus. 
  • In my case, I am not able to Implement the Bonus Functionality, But I have an Idea of How to Implement it so I told the approaches for that.
  • Use your time wisely
  • Use the oops concept As much As you can
  • Your Answer must be modular and scalable

Round 2(Problem Solving and Data Structures – 60 min): In this round, two questions are asked:

In all the questions I have to write the code (Not executed). In all the questions they asked Time and space complexity


  • For this Round Do DP, Array, Stack, Queue, Heap, Graph.
  • And do Famous Algo for all the Given Data Structures (above mentioned)

Round 3(Hiring Manager Round – 45 min): It is a Resume round, that was taken by a manager.

  • Why do you want to change company?
  • What will your colleagues say when asked why you have changed?
  • Can expect questions on previous experience, projects.

Result of Interview: Selected

Wish you the Best of luck!

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