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I had a referral from one of the Google employees. There was no online coding round.


I had 2 interview rounds scheduled on two consecutive days. 45 minutes each, both DSA.


Round 1
Asked a pretty straight forward question on graphs, dfs. The follow up went to a dijsktra modification. Asked time and space complexity (which I kind of fumbled in the beginning). 3 Questions, one warm-up and 2 follow ups.


The interview went a bit above 1 hour.


Round 2
This time around the question was such that the warm-up part of it could be solved greedily but the follow-up needed DP. Although the DP was straight forward again, the interviewer asked me to point out what difference between the two questions makes the greedy approach invalid. Also asked time and space complexity.


This round ended on time at 45 minutes.


The second round was more like a discussion where the interviewer and I were discussing and coming up with more optimized solutions rather than her quizzing me.

Final verdict: Rejected

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