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Round 1: 1 hr (45 mins coding, 15 mins googleyness questions)
Given an array A of n integers, find the number of ordered sets (i,j) such that A[i] - A[j] = i-j where i can be equal to j also.
Follow up: Change condition to | A[i] - A[j] | = | i-j |
Follow up: Without using any extra space, solve.

Round 2: 1 hr (coding questions only)

Given an array of integers in which each element satisfies the condition that the difference in the position of the element in its sorted array and the actual array should be less than k i.e. |sorted_ind - actual_ind| < k where k << n. Sort the array.

Given an array of integers, find the length of array after removing k largest numbers from array.
Eg: [0,1,2,,3,4,3,2,4] , k = 2 => we will remove all 3 and 4 so the answer would be 4.
Follow up: Reduce time complexity if the array were sorted.

Round 3: 1 hr (45 mins coding ques, 15 mins googleyness questions)
Given the data of call schedules of different employees like:
Name, Start, End
Abby, 1, 9
Carla, 5, 7
John, 6, 12
Ria, 15, 17
Find common schedules and break the ranges like
Start, End, Names
1, 5, Abby
5, 6, Abby, Carla
6, 7, Abby, Carla, John
7, 9, Abby, John
9, 12, John
15, 17, Ria

Be prepare for goglyeness questions also, as it is a critical part of interview. The interviewer can ask you questions based on hypothetical situations and how you tackle problems in your real life.
Some questions asked to me are:

How will you react on the feedback given to you by your collegues ?
If you are a member of a team, and only one person is taking all the credits, how will you tackle the situation ?
Tell me about a time when you start a project by yourself.
Tell me when the last time you stand for yourself or someone.
Tell me about a time when things don't go the way you want and then how you tackle the situation.
Hope you guys find it useful !!
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