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Microsoft Interview Experience | Internship  | OFF Campus | SELECTED


Round 1 :-  ONLINE ROUND 90 mins

 This round was open to students from all the Institutes across India.This round had 3 coding questions.Coding questions were very straightforward and were mostly implemented based on little logic required.

1. Given a JSON string, find the max depth of the string.

Example “a:{b:{a:‘z’, b:‘y’}, c:{z:[2,3]}}”.

Here the max depth is 3.

I was able to solve and submit all 3 questions within 15 or 20 mins.

** After a month or, so I got a call for an Online Interview.


Round 2 :- 45 Minutes.

This round focused on Data Structures, Algorithms, and Implementation.Only one question was asked in this round.

Problem: Implement a DS that supports 3 operations.



 Get Random Element (Return a uniformly random element from the set of elements)

It is guaranteed that the elements are unique.I was asked to implement DS that supports all these operations in O(1) time.

After 15 mins or so I was able to come up with an optimal solution and was able to implement the same within 20 mins.

After a week I received an email for an Onsite Interview.


Round 3 :- Technical Round


This round was majorly focused on System Design but 2 DSA questions were also asked.

Question 1 Given a matrix find a submatrix with the maximum sum.

The naive solution takes O(n ^ 4) time.

This is a standard DP question and can be solved in O(n ^ 3) time using the 2D Kadane Algorithm.

I gave both solutions.

Question 2 Given a row-wise and column-wise sorted matrix, find a given element.

The naive solution takes O(n ^ 2) time.

Can be solved in O(n * log n) time by applying binary search in every row or column.

Can also be solved in O(n) time by starting the search from the top right element.

I gave all 3 solutions.

Both questions were asked in the first 15 minutes of the interview and the rest of the Interview was focused on System Design.

Question 3 Design a Restaurant Management System.


Round 4 :- Technical + HR


During this round, Interviewer asked questions related to my resume and my projects.

Question 1 Tell me about yourself.

Question 2 Given two very big numbers (each more than 500 digits), multiply them.

Question 3 In one of my Internships I had created a website (along with one friend), So he asked me to explain my entire process of website development from requirement gathering till deployment.

Similar questions were asked regarding my other projects.

I have done an Internship in my summer vacation of the second year at Samsung R&D Bangalore, So Interviewer asked me whether Samsung offered me an Internship this year and also asked me about my experience there.

The Last Question Three Qualities why we should hire you?

It is a standard question and I gave the answer that I read online.
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