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Round 1:TCS recruitment process through TCS Ninja Nowdays. 

In Round 1 , it was aptitude +english+C MCQ bases +Coding round. Many students think in this round coding is mandatory but in real it does’t matter , because you have to clear each section one by one , if you clear all three n failed to write a code , then you will be selected for next round because weightaige of coding is not much higher. 

Don’t think too much about coding round , just pass three section n you got selected for interview round. 

Round 2:There r two persons taking Technical n Managerial round , they only asked to me only about my project nothing else. My Project is on Big Data , so they asked me about Big Data , it lasts only 10 minutes after that they proceed me to HR round. 

Round 3:In HR round they asked me same questions like -what u know about TCS , Chairman n HR director name , willing to relocate , strength n weakness. 

After 10-12 days results declared n I got selected.

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