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Round 2 - Design + Coding (1hr 30 mins)
This was meant to be a LLD + Coding round but I was only asked one coding problem. It was a version of a problem the interviewer had worked on in MMT. It was based on find all possible combinations pattern.


Round 3 - Hiring Manager - (Design + Coding) (1hr)
This was also meant to be a design and coding round but I was asked neither of those. Instead, I was asked JAVA questions.


15 mins


  1. What are immutable classes in JAVA? How will you implement one? Design a Java immutable class having following data members:
    • Int
    • String
    • Hashmap
    • ArrayList
    • Nested immutable java class
  2. Design a thread safe singleton class
  3. How is JAVA pass by value?


5 mins - Technical/Behavioural questions


  1. Can you switch between different tech stacks on a regular basis?
  2. Do not remember the rest


Rest of the time was given to me to ask questions about MMT, the team and the work etc. The interview was extremely warm and friendly and answered all of my questions in great detail.

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