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Q: You have a traditional 6-faced dice, and you rolled it M + N times. The numbers from rolls of M times are in A and the numbers from rolls of N times are in B. You want each array to have a common sum. You can modify the arrays so that their sums are equal but you should use the minimum number of turns. Through a turn, you can change a value from an array into any value between 1 and 6. You cannot delete a value or make it 0 or negative.


A's length and B'length can be different. If it is impossible to make both arrays sum to a common sum, return -1.


ex) (A = [1,4,3], B = [6,6,6]) => 2 (turns)


Can you suggest some solutions to this question?


Thank you.


My solution is here: 99/q_a110.js

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