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Round 1:Coding round 

To get a chance to participate in this coding rounds, we were asked to fill forms . the candidates  and were short listed here on the basis of pointer ( 7.5 and above  were all selected, for people with pointer 7  to 7.5, there projects and internships were taken into consideration to be allowed to appear in this round) 

  3 CODING questions in 90 mins on hackerrank. 

Q1 ) Was a simple question, all you had to do was find a PnC formula and just put the values in it to get the answer. 

Q2)Was based on array . This was a medium level question, 7/11 test case passed using brute force (O(n^2)). An accurate solution of which is actually in O (n), but i modified my code and managed to get all the 11 test cases right using just a slight modification in my brute force approach! 

Q3)A matrix was given, the solution to which was by applying  BFS on it but not exactly that. I could not understand the problem enough as I was running out of time ! 
The name of the Question was “Marathon” and said was a lot similar to some other famour problem named “Rat in a maze”. 

 In this round out of 150 students, 22 were shortlisted for interviews, and 10 were kept on waiting list. 

Round 2: TECHNICAL  I 

In technical round one, all of us were asked 3 questions. The level of questions was actually easy, and most were selected only if they could answer all of the 3 right ! 

Q1) N-1 elements in an array from 1 to n, find the missing one!

I answered it easily so he added the constrain of over flowing numbers, which took me a little while but I got it 

Q2) K distance sort

He had clearly stated me that this can be done using normal sorting algo in O(nlogn), but I had to give a more optimized one. 

I proposed a solution using a stack, which some how worked for the test case that he gave me, but he proved it wrong and gave me a hint to use another data structure, I got the hint and realised it  was to be done using min heap. Time complexity of which was O(nlogk) ! 

Q3)Circular tour

 For this question i gave him a more optimized solution than brute force but with the same complexity, but he did not give me much time for this question as they were running late on schedule. 

Later I got to know from sources that I was rated 3.7 out of 5 in this round, which was more than a lot of others. 

Round 3: TECHNICAL   II 

17 out of 22 made it to this round. 

In this round the questions asked were tough, but the interviewer was very suggestive and kept dropping hints. 

Q1)Sum of minimum elements of all sub arrays. 

I gave an immediate solution in nlogn time, but he asked me to optimize it. He gave me hell a lot of hints but I could not solve this easy question. He then said that they are running out of time so let’s move to the next question. 


Q2)Cut off trees for golf 

After a little bit of pickering I was able to give him a solution in O(r^2c^2), but he did not ask me to improve it. He asked me to write the code for it and tell me what algo was I using. I did write a rough algo just enough to give him a clear idea of what was I thinking and he was satisfied with that ! 
And we moved on to the next question. 


Q3) LRU cache implementation using array, stack/queue, doubly linked list, circular linked list, Hash map.

I did them all very easily, and I also told him the story why was I good at it. He was happy enough to let me go again stating that time was a constrain and they had to take further interviews too ! 



I was pretty confident that if I make it till here, I will get the job too, which is what happened. 
I entered the room, He asked me “How was I ” and I told him” I was hungry”……that did set the tone of the interview to a casual talk and made him comfortable with me. 5-10 mins into the interview, he commented that I was very honest. ANd so went on the conversation and the usual interview Questions. 

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years? 

What is your strength and weakness? To which I answered as hard working, being both my weakness and strength and justified it . 

He asked me about my story if JEE and getting into this college. 

How did I grow technically and personality wise in the last 3 years? 

and usual questions like that ….to which I gave pretty interesting answers ! 

We then discussed a little about any one of my projects of my choice and I some how led that discussion to about how every college group project is like one person doing the entire work, to him I also told that in one of the projects I did the entire work  and everyone got the credit, and how once in second year my partner did the entire project and I got pointers for it too. He was convinced that I was very honest and true !! 

At last he asked me if I had any questions for him . 

I asked him only one question, which was that just in case if I get selected for this job at flipkart or even if I do not, what is that one thing that I should improve or learn about my technical part or my personality part. He did not say anything about my technical skills, He only said that he got a picture that I was not passionate enough . I also joined hands and agreed on it and gave a little justification on it. He also said that  I should not take that personally and that he only siad that because I asked so. 

That is where the HM round ended. I got up, we shook hands and he said that mine was the best HM interview he had in the entire day(my was 2nd last interview of the day), and that he had an interesting conversation with me and truly enjoyed it ! 


I was on Cloud 7 at the end of this interview. 

Next day the results were announced. Out of the 12 who appeared for the HM round. Only one candidate was rejected. 9 people (inclusive of me) we awarded  6 month internship + Full time job after that. 2 were awarded a 6 month internship and they would then evaluate their performance and see if they should hire them for full time or not ! Only one guy who made it to the HM round did not get an offer ! 

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