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1.Given N boxes containing different number of Books in each box(numBook[i]),take a minimum number of books from the boxes conditions are such that:

you must take either all or none of the books inside a given box.
you cannot skip taking books from boxes adjacent to each other.Box1 and 2 can not be skipped but you can skip box 1 and 3.
you must have a minimum number of books in your hand
for example ,if there are 6 boxes and the number of books in box are {7,2,13,12,9,1} then the minimum number of books u can take is 15(by skipping box 1,3,5).



2.In the game of cricket, players can score runs by hitting the ball delivered at them(by another player called bowler) and running between designated spots(wickets).

suppose if a player is only allowed to score 1,2,4 and 6 runs in a ball.How many ways the player can score N runs without hitting consecutive 4s?

for ex, to score 4 runs, the player can hit the runs in subsequent balls in the following ways.







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