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Education: B.Tech in CS/IT from Tier 1 college India
Years of Experience: 1 year 9 months at interview time, 1 year 11 months now
Prior Experience: SDE1 at a leading product based company
Current TC - ~29L(26L cash + stocks)


Date of the Offer: 13th July, 2022
Company: Google
Title/Level: Software Engineer - L4
Location: Bangalore
Salary(Base): 41L
Benefits(PF/Gratuity): 3.25L(approx)
Joining Bonus: 0
Relocation: 5L
Stock bonus: $1,26,000 (33, 33, 22, 12 vesting)
Bonus: 15% of base -> 6.15L


Total comp (Salary + Bonus + Stock):
Year 1 (Bonus/No Bonus): 41L + 3.25L + 6.15L + 33L(stocks) = 83L/77L
Year 2 (Bonus/No Bonus): 41L + 3.25L + 6.15L + 33L(stocks) = 83L/77L


Competing offer - Amazon SDE2.


I have not counted relocation bonus/benefit in the comp breakdown. Adding that, first year comp goes to 88L


Initial offer given was 75L but the recruiter sent it for revision before even sharing the numbers with me since she knew it won't match my expectations.
I also had a competing SDE2 offer from amazon. But during negotiations I refused to share the Amazon offer with them(Google) since I was not comfortable sharing it. I told the ballpark numbers given by Amazon though. My amazon recruiter also didn't ask for Google comp details during negotiations.


Benefits: Standard G benefits(Free food, cabs, gyms etc)
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