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All interview experiences of Amazon can be found using the tag "amazon_interview_experiences" in the search bar.

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In this process of interview, each and every round was an elimination round and it took approx. 4 months  .(this was my third attempt got rejected twice at college time first for SDE intern then for SDE 2021 Grad)

Round 1: OA (1.5 hours)

it was conducted on the hackerank platform and it had two questions the questions were a bit like puzzles but I was able to solve both of them using basic logic only and the level was leetcode medium. (don't remember the exact questions but it was from array only)

then there was work style assessment which was similar to a psychometric test and mostly based on behavioral type questions.

Round 2:DSA Round(50 minutes)

it had only one problem: A movie   dataset table was given with fields movie_name, genre, and trend_score and there were two use cases :

 1. find the movie having the highest trend score in a given genre -> getMovieWithMaxTrendScoreByGenre(string genre) : string

 2. update the trend score of any movie by a new score -> updateMovieTrendScore(string movieName,int score): void
I was able to solve it and wrote the whole code with proper edge case and exception handling and in a modular and extensible way with the most efficient time and space complexity .

Round 3:DSA Round:(55 minutes)

it also had two questions and some leadership principles-related questions.

both the questions were of leetcode medium level :

1.Find the next greater number using the digits of the given number, e.g: input: 123 output: 132

2.Check if all the below relations of characters are valid or not : input: [a<b<c<d , a<d, c<e, e>d ] output: yes
Round 4:Bar Raiser Round:(50 minutes)

It also had two leetcode easy-medium level questions and some LP questions.

the questions are :

   1.Find the Kth smallest number from a row and column-wise sorted matrix. (binary search or priority queue)

   2.Find all the Unique Subsets for a given array. (recursion with backtracking)
Result: Got selected for ‍ SDE 1 role at Amazon .
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Stage 1: Online Assessment 1 (~60 minutes): 7 Problems involving debugging (ie you have a bubble sort written out, but is sorting in decreasing order, change it so it sorts ascending). Also ~25 reasoning problems (Riddle type questions, these are not as important as the 7 debugging, but still try to do well). The debugging is fairly simple.


Stage 2: Online Assessment 2 (~90 minutes): 2 Programming problems,  easy-medium difficulty. Problem 1 was about inserting into a cylical sorted linked list (last node points to head node, ascending, 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 -> 6 -> 1). Second problem involved scheduling packages (this one was pretty hard, I can't fully remember the problem).


Stage 3: Amazon Chime interview (~45 minutes) 1 Given a denomination of coins (like 1, 5, 10, 25 in US currency), find the number of ways to represent a given amount of change.


Overall a great experience.
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