Message on Whatsapp 8879355057 for DSA(OA + Interview) + Fullstack Dev Training + 1-1 Personalized Mentoring to get 10+LPA Job
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Website to enroll in the program:-

Kumar K ; hails from a tier-4 engineering college ; despite his college having no placements during pandemic (Covid) ; he managed to crack offcampus SDE Offer from Amazon! He tried for years to improve his coding skills and got top notch online coding profiles and got top ranks international coding contests!

After that he decided to devote his life to a cause. He started teaching coding + 1-1 Mentoring students and by now 558 students of his have cracked 10+LPA SDE Jobs just in span of 1 year ✨

Kumar K has achieved 6 stars on Codechef + All India Rank 12 in Google Code-Jam'21 + World Rank 368 in Google KickStart + World Rank 178 in LeetCode Contest + All India Rank 14 on HackerEarth!

His journey has been documented by popular new channel News18 link :-

His YouTube channel


His Linkedin Profile.


To crack>=10lpa job as a fresher or >=20lpa as experienced professional person needs to go through two processes:- i)Online test of company ii) Interview of the company

In interview generally popular standard DSA questions are asked but in online test 10 times harder unseen DSA questions are asked; only Kumar K trains student for DSA for such hard unseen questions that's why his students are so successful :)

All his program details.

To join Kumar K 1-1 Mentoring + Daily Live Training Program(8 months!) for the year 2023! Message on WhatsApp 8879355057.


-> DSA (OA + Interview) with highest quality daily Live Training + 800 hour course!

-> Full-stack Development + LLD + HLD + CS Fundamentals!

-> 24*7  doubt support

-> 1-1  Mentoring + Linkedin + Resume Improvement Training + Offcampus Training +  Job referral support of top 300-400 companies!

 Total 558 10+LPA selections since last 10 months! + Contest Training of Leetcode + Codechef Contest ✨

Other programs charge from range 50K-5lac for such facilities and services but Kumar K with his team of 50 dedicated people only take a fees of 405 INR per month and still has the best results and 558 10+LPA selections! This number will only increase!

This program is suitable for :-

- College students/freshers who are trying to get good oncampus/offcampus placement

- Experienced working professionals

- Non IT Background students/students who have gap and quickly need job

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