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 For Aptitude Assessment 

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You can do good practice of Aptitude for GoldMan Sachs at the following places : 



Join this group for best preparartion of coding interviews of tech-based companies : https://t.me/TFAANG


First of all, I would like to clarify that I failed at the coding round. So I am going to share my mistakes with you.

  1. The questions are difficult but they are standard. So don’t practice too easy questions and don’t practice too hard. Just one recommendation - Learn from GeeksforGeeks and practice on LeetCode. Forget Hackerrank and HackerEarth, use them only for contests. On Leetcode every Sunday contests are organized. You can create virtual contest too, for practicing not just programming question but how to manage time.
  2. Become a master of these topics - Arrays, DP, Trees, and Graphs.
  3. I don’t know in which year you are but if someone is reading this who has just started his 3rd or 2nd year in CSE branch please use the time frame of one year to practice Data Structure and Algorithms from the platforms mentioned above. Trust me, people who don’t do that they have only regret.
  4. Also, Goldmann Sachs asks some good quantitative ability questions which you won’t even find in the CAT exam. They can be solved in the exam but you must be ver conscious as time will be your worst enemy. If you did that then there might be some programming MCQs. And finally, there will 3 Programming questions.
  5. My recommendation - Attempt MCQs first and finish them as soon as possible. Read all the programming question first and then decide which to attempt first.

To conclude my answer I would like to include that Goldmann Sachs interviews are more difficult than their programming round. But if you clear those all the hurdles, congratulations you have just got either Internship (2 lakh CTC) or Full-Time Offer (31.5 lakh CTC)


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