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All interview experiences of Amazon can be found using the tag "amazon_interview_experiences" in the search bar.

Here is the link : https://www.desiqna.in/tag/amazon_interview_experiences

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I am a 2018 b.tech(CSE) graduate and contacted a recruiter through LinkedIn, drive happened at Gurgaon office and gave an interview for a Bangalore team.

Round-1 : f2f( 1.15 hr) Interviewer scanned my resume and then directly jumped on to the problem solving.

  1. Trapping Rain Water
    Note: optimized solution [ O(1) space] in above link may fail for some cases, so after giving O(n) space solution you can try with o(1) solution to impress the interviewer :p
  2. Minimum time required to rot all oranges. (Solution)
    Note: can be solved using bfs and queue

Round-2 : f2f (1 hr) After waiting for 10-15 min recruiter called me for the 2nd round, interviewer without scanning the resume and after the introductions directly jumped on to the problem solving.

  • Given n pair of strings where both strings in the pair are synonymous, Also given a single input string s.Find all the synonymous string corresponding to s.





    Input: { {“ram”, “shyam”}, {“ram”, “rahul”}, {“rahul”, “karan”}, {“sita”, “gita”} } , String s= “ram”

    Output: ram, shyam, rahul, karan


Round-3 : Hiring manager(45 min)

  1. Had some general discussion regarding work in the current company and past internship experiences.
  2. Question on LRU(indirectly, scenario based and its implementation), probably due to one of my project on “Cache algorithms”

Note: Be genuine in what ever you tell about your current and past experiences, make the interviewer feel that you are always up for learning and exploring new things.

Round-4: Bar Raiser(1 hour)

  1. Interviewer was 15+ year experienced guy and took note of everything that i told him.
  2. Questions regarding the work done in internships.
  3. Find maximum number possible by doing at most k swaps ( was able to solve partially)
  4. Behavioural questions(This part has a great importance, they come prepared with number of behavioural questions, if you are not able to answer some of them or haven’t been in situations related to the questions asked, you can ask them to change the question. In my case interviewer was friendly and supportive)

Be Specific: To every behavioural question asked, tell them the real examples or situations from your life rather than mugging up stories(they expect you to be short, crisp and specific).

Important Advice

  1. Keep clear with all the topics of DS/Algo(GeeksForGeeks/Narasimha Karumanchi are good to refer) and practice interview experiences for Amazon.
  2. In all the rounds above, Writing full production level code along with time and space complexities on paper(no language barrier) was must so practice well with pen/paper.
  3. After understanding the question, never directly jump on to the solution(even if you have done it earlier).Keep calm, discuss the approach with the interviewer(don’t spend much time on brute, just tell a brute force approach and then move on to the efficient solution).
  4. Never be a “Yes Man”, be confident and have a healthy discussion(argument). ALL THE BEST 

Verdict : Selected !

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