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0)World is not fair.


1)So bitching about it or blaming it to college tier or diversity won't work . Let's get to work.


2)Make sure you get average/good at fundamentals/basics of DSA. You can always keep on trying to get better , there is always a new level. DSA roadmap : https://www.desiqna.in/4963/roadmap-for-dsa-data-structures-algorithms-kumar-desi-2022


3)Make sure you have few projects which shows your development skills(web/android/ios...flutter in demand). Make sure they are hosted live and there is a git-hub repository for the same.


4)Make as many LinkedIn connections as possible. Algorithm will run in your favour and you will see a plethora of posts regarding opportunities. Make sure you apply and take referrals for at-least 5 companies on a daily basis. Its a numbers game , you apply at 30 places , you hear back from one. Play your game well.


5)This is the best job/intern page : https://www.desiqna.in/4570/internship-opportunities-freshers-students-computer-science and this is the best job/intern group : https://t.me/jobxx


6)Learn skills to clear OA of companies : https://www.desiqna.in/5151/roadmap-clearing-coding-online-assessments-product-companies

7)Learn skills to clear coding interviews here : https://www.desiqna.in/4573/coding-etiquette-skills-follow-interviewing-product-companies

8)Depending on your situation , apply to all kind of companies ranging from service based companies to top product based companies , there is a high probability of hearing back from some.

9)Make resume close to perfect . Just do it. Make sure to have 300-400 solved DSA problems any platofrm you like and show-case it on resume.Any technical achievements should be show - cased on resume.

10)Study CS fundamentals(OOPS+DBMS+CN+OS) properly as interviewers ask oral questions on these topics.

11)Before giving interview of any particular company , go through atleast 10 interview experiences of the same and see on what topics there is higher weightage , and prepare accordingly .

12)Not all companies will have a coding based interview , keep that in mind and segregate accordingly.

13)When you get no internship , try for DSA based internship at GeeksForGeeks or web-dev intern at Sparks-Foundation as everybody gets them and it does value addition on resume when you have nothing else to show-case.

14)Have a positive mindset and join this group for clearing all your queries on coding/jobs or intern : https://t.me/chillzxa

15)As a fresher , learn how to explain your projects well in the interview , you don't need to know the technology used in project in depth , focus is more on the architecture , design , features and the over-all schema of the project , also how you did collaboration with others and faced the technical challenges. 

16)Some companies interviews will be more on CS Fundamentals side , some more on the projects(dev) side , some more on the DSA side , so stay prepared accordingly , have medium preparation in all so when the opportunity strikes you make the best out of it..

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