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Understanding :- Given a binary string of size “N”; reverse that string 


But by doing this operation :- Pick any character from the string and put it at the end. 


Do a minimum number of operations to achieve this. 


Input - 0100110

Output - 3. 


Observation :- Observe what all characters are put in the end to generate the reverse. 


Observation :- You always pick some characters and put them in the end in any order you want 


Let’s say “k” is the answer 


It means we must have picked surely k subset of characters from original string and must have put them in the back 


Order of fixing the k last characters doesn't matter just check what frequency of 0 and 1 you need in the last k places and extract it from the original string 






K = 2. 


After picking the two characters for the end; the remaining string of n-2 length should match the first n-2 characters of reversed string 


Time Complexity - O(N)


Takes O(1) size. 


C++ -

Java -

Py -


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