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-> TCS manager insulted 10 Years experienced female employee by giving more salary to fresher in comparison | TCS Salary



Source ->  http://archive.indianexpress.com/news/techie-ends-life-on-tcs-office-campus/870960/

An employee of the information technology company Tata Consultancy Services who hailed from Kanpur committed suicide at his office campus at the Electronic City on the outskirts of Bangalore on Friday afternoon.

Tushar Bhatia, 23, who joined TCS in February, jumped off the ninth-floor terrace of the TCS building on Friday afternoon. The son of a Mumbai-based SBI manager, Bhatia was a technical assistant at TCS.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that Bhatia had been diagnosed with a kidney problem a couple of months ago and was depressed since treatment had not been successful, police officials involved in the investigation of the suicide said.

"Following a urinary infection his kidneys developed problems and treatments were not successful,'' a police official said. Bhatia had just reported back to work after 15 days of leave for treatment.

"There seems to have been pressure on account of health and resultant work issues. An investigation is on to determine the cause,'' Deputy Commissioner of Police (south east) P S Harsha said.

Bhatia is reported to have completed his engineering in electronics from YCCE in Nagpur.

The suicide on Friday is the second involving a young software engineer on a TCS campus in Bangalore. In August last year, Sudarshan Guttedar, 22, a native of Belgaum, died after falling from the 11th floor of a facility located at the International Technology Park in the city. Work related problems were reported to be among the reasons for the suicide.

Another information technology firm, Wipro, was racked by a series of suicides in 2009-10 including one on campus that forced the company to initiate confidential employee counselling services and "work buddy" concepts. "Every generation has their own issues. This generation needs extra support," the company's human resources head had stated at that time.

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