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Admin only knows how to twist a news out of its proportion and sensationalise it so it appears on the Google Discover feed.

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-> HCL fired 500+ employees despite of 4000+ crore profit in Q3 | HCL New Year Firing

-> TCS pays only 3LPA to lakhs of employees despite 10000+ crore profit in December | TCS Salary

TCS company has lost 2000 employes for the last quarter (Oct-Nov-Dec)

These days IT companies are firing left and right during recession :-> Accenture fires 5000+ employees in recession during new year | Recession and Layoffs 2023 | More will be fired after credentials check

Infosys fired 5000 employees due to FA examination failure in 2023 | Infosys fires people on bench | Proof Mail Attached


IT giant Tata Consultancy Services' (TCS) attrition rate for the quarter ending December 31, 2022, inched lower to 21.3%. TCS expects the IT services attrition rate to drop further in the company quarters. However, sequentially, the company carried layoffs during the Q3 of FY23 as its workforce was reduced by 2,197 employees.

As per the regulatory filing, the TCS workforce stood at 613,974 by end of the December 2022 quarter. This would be a net reduction of 2,197 employees compared to a headcount of 616,171 employees in the September 2022 quarter.

TCS had made the second highest hiring among its peers after Infosys in Q2FY23 with a net addition of 9,840 employees compared to the June 2022 quarter where headcount stood at 606,331 employees.

In its financial audit report, TCS said the improved productivity was achieved by focusing on utilizing the excess capacity built up over prior quarters and through investments in organic talent development. In Q3, TCSers clocked 11.4 million learning hours, resulting in the acquisition of 1.3 million competencies.

Notably, the company's workforce continues to be very diverse, comprising 153 nationalities and with women making up 35.7% of the base.

Coming to IT services attrition, the Tata Group-backed company posted an attrition rate of 21.3% on an LTM basis which is lower than 21.5% in Q2FY23. TCS said, the attrition rate "is expected to fall further in the coming quarters."

Milind Lakkad, Chief HR Officer, on Monday said, “Our focus over the last few quarters on bringing in fresh talent at scale, training them on new technologies and making them productive is paying off."

Lakkad added, "We are particularly proud of having 125,000 TCSers at middle and senior levels who have been with the company for more than 10 years on average. They have been central to the successful cultural integration of all the fresh talent we have onboarded in the last couple of years, and their contextual knowledge and customer-centricity have been key to the high level of customer satisfaction that TCS is known for."

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