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-> TCS forces lakhs of hardworking innocent employees to work from office whereas Infosys allows lakhs of employees to work from home | TCS Infosys New Year Offer

-> TCS in new year forces lakhs of innocent employees to report to office 3 days a week or face action ! TCS Work from home policy

-> Cognizant Manager fired innocent girl because she took leaves for some days after being on bench

-> Accenture gives special new year gift to 50000+ of its hardworking innocent employees by firing them | Recession and Layoffs 2023 | More will be fired after credentials check

It is being recently reported that TCS is not increasing salaries of employees despite their years of hardwork . Also no hikes/promotions are being provided to multiple employees.

Multiple confessions regarding this are coming up on TCS forums and one of them says,

"I never thought that I will end up writing a confession on social network but it's just I can't share it with peers and need to shout out my frustration. Just want to tell upfront that there is a genuine medical reason that I can't switch over to other company, so that option is ruled out! My problem is that I am posted onsite from last 5 years, looking after a portfolio as middle level manager. In these years TCS has not increase the salary even by 1%. No annual hikes or raise. The funny logic is that we have a fixed component structure for deputed onsite Indian associates and it's not increased. I have been a high flyer, A band from past six years, close many critical deals, have amazing rapport with customers and colleagues, managing cross country critical CXO connects and have improved overall TCS positioning in the region. I was told that doing internal programs will help with raise. I was already Ambassador Cops, I did Wings 3 investing 4 months of hard work, completed my technical MLT certification, then completed leadership Wings Phoenix, also a Contextual mater, cloud certification and other many imp certifications.Every time I completed a certification, I am told rules have changed and it's not counted for any salary raise! While I never thought about my Salary as I was happy with my work but with increasing inflation having no raise from past 5 years is hitting my finances hard. When I asked to go back to India, I am told to first find my own replacement as they don't have anyone as of now. Speaking to HR has no outcome. Now my boss says next promotion will help but he himself don't know when the cycle will open or even if he can push it! I don't know what I am doing wrong. Why TCS don't care for existing employees who are working sincerely and dedicatedly toward the growth of company. My company was never like that! It was never.


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